27 Jul
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“Science and Nature for Whaaahhh??” The story behind the name

222475_241705222517177_8015896_nI write stories about, well, science and nature. While I often interview scientists for my stories, what I write isn’t considered “hard” science. It’s intended for the lay person interested in the ways the natural world weaves in and out of our lives, and about the amazing work scientists are doing that most folks don’t know about. I love doing what I do, and when it came time to come up with a name for my blog, I wanted something kind of fun sounding. So here’s the deal with the name:

Back in the 80’s there was a board game that asked questions from a variety of categories, like history, geography, etc. One of those categories was “science and nature”. Winning the game depended in part on the player earning little triangular pieces of plastic called “pies”. Hence, when the player could, they would request, “science and nature for a pie, please”. (I added the please because my mother taught me that it was the polite thing to do.)

I wanted my blog title to echo the same sense of joy I got from playing that game, because I would rather be outdoors playing around with science and nature more than anything else.

Now ya know.
– H

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